Onsite SEO describes the practice of optimising a webpage / website to improve the websites listings on search engines as well as increasing targeted traffic to a website. This involves optimizing both the content and coding of a page to make it as easy as possible for users and search engine to navigate.

What Do We Assess

  • Content- Content within website.
  • Navigation- how information is broken down.
  • Meta tags – Non-visible elements of a web page .
  • ALT tags – Alternative text that can be displayed instead of an image.
  • Semantic HTML – H1, H2 and H3 elements within a website.
  • Duplicate Content- Having the same content on two or more URLs.
  • Robots.txt- A text file that is used to direct web robots on how to crawl.
  • Robots meta directives – Provides more firm direction on how to crawl.
  • Structured data markup- Code to help search engines better understand the content.
  • HTTP status codes- Server response to a browser’s request.
  • Page Speed- Test how long it takes for your page to be ready.
  • Canonicalisation- Checking for duplication issues.
  • XML sitemap – To help search engine bots crawl a website.

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